Be Careful of What You Witch For

Be Careful of What You Witch For

A little while back I was financially frustrated. I live in a camper. This sounds cool right? Wrong. It’s a 27 foot vinyl piece of trash. I could go on but that’s not what this is about. My husband and I knowingly made the decision to be in this predicament so I don’t actually have a right to bitch. I could however witch and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since we moved onto this land.

I’m not the type of fella who just sits around and waits for something to fall in his lap. I felt like I needed to make more money and the idea was that I would get a raise at my 9-5, break-my-body daily, construction job. I did a little witchcrafting and created a sigil.

I sought help in creating the sigil from a few honored witches of The Witches’ Realm and came up with something that worked. For me the new moon is a great time to start working on things I want to bring into my life. In March  I used the new moon to activate my sigil. Because for me new moons and waxing moons help my magick bring things into my life. I went to work for  few weeks expecting to be told I’d get a raise. I wasn’t told.

“Look outside someone’s waiting with a yellow horse / With a hole in my heart I was forced to ride in morning traffic / With a golden hand by your fortress side but without magic / Somebody, somebody, somebody tell me it won’t be long / ‘Cause a horse is not a home / A horse is not a home” ~Miike Snow~

I like to read in the morning before I go to work but one morning I was on indeed instead. A job listed caught my eye and I applied. I got the interview, got there and realized it was a cattle call. Everyone got hired. Only two of us lasted more than three weeks.

At first the job seemed fine but you know how rose tinted glasses can make the world look. It felt like this was my magick at work. I started on my birthday March 26th. But the longer I was there, the more I hated it.

I did well at the new job but I was working 60 plus hours a week. I made double the money than I was pulling in at the old job, and had I stuck it out I could have earned even more.

But my magick was suffering. I have a family and when I had free time I dedicated it to them, #obviously. What little time I actually had to myself was spent resting and recuperating from a hectic work schedule in a high stress, fast-paced environment.

I made a promise to offer devotion everyday to Hekate. I promised to write and to grow. But I wasn’t doing that.

I needed a message. I reached out to Angie Brown of Geology of the Soul Tarot . The message was clear. The outlook I had in staying at this new all-work-no-play-job was not good.

Like, a week or so goes by and I get this random text from the owner of the construction company I had worked for. They missed me and I missed seeing my sons all weekend and following all the Witches in the Realm, my digital coven, my men’s group that’s only just begun. I missed writing and reading. I missed routine and a manageable schedule. I missed a connection to anything that wasn’t my job.

I hated the new job but was conflicted. I like the idea that magick had delivered this opportunity and the increased money I had requested. I needed to not live in a camper. In my mind the best way to get there was to put my head down and work like a Trojan. But at what cost?

Yea, so I did this magick and it ended up bringing me exactly what I wanted. I could easily hit the amount of money I think I need to make per year in order to live the way I want to. But my sacrifice was family, free time, and magick.

I felt my goddess. She was there and we still sorta talked but I was so disconnected. Aine Foraois wrote this and it really is true. My connection to magick and witchcraft is often made through technology. My coven is digital and world wide. Only one member lives remotely close to me. My mentor is on Facebook messenger. Everything I learn is born out of my communities on Facebook groups.  

Obviously I’m writing on this blog. It’s clear that my connection to magick and witchcraft grows stronger through my online relationships and activities. And in order to work 60 hours a week I had to pull that plug and lose that power.

There is a hole and I tried to fill it up with money

So I reach out to Jones and the guys and the stable, break my body, 9-5 construction job and they want me back. I’m at the same pay rate I left at and a little more is expected out of me now. I go back on Monday.

The lesson I learned in all of this is the important thing here. Money, while great is not what MY magick should be about. I don’t need money for a better living situation, what I need is a better living situation. I was focusing on the small picture. Breaking my back at the other fewer hours, less money, more stability job also grants me access to the knowledge, skills, tools, and materials I need to build a better living situation on this land.

What MY magick is meant to be about is words and healing the land I live on. I am meant to grow in cartomancy and claircognizance. I can certainly do magick that brings things into my life but specificity is of the utmost importance.

Instead of summoning money into my life I can summon the solution to my issues. It will come. It isn’t always going to be what I expect but it will likely be what I need as long as I am steadfast in my specifics.

All that said. Sorry I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back now. Love ya!

Peace Witches


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