Call For Writers — Summer Themes for The Way of Witch

Call For Writers — Summer Themes for The Way of Witch

Season Of The Sun

The season of the sun is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and we want to hear about all the ways witchcraft and paganism blossoms in the warm glow of the summer light.

We’re always looking for articles, essays, and poetry, that follow the Wheel of the Year. You’re a witch, we don’t have to spell it out for you. Do us a solid though—when submitting seasonal, sabbat, or esbat themes, please submit at least one month in advance.

But hey, feel free to mix it up too—we’re about more than the seasons on the wheel. Hit us up with your out of the box thinking. Tell us what else colors your witchy or pagan world in June besides Litha or Summer Solstice? What creeps into your daily practice during July, when there is no sabbat on the wheel? Share you experiences of attend summer festivals. Or better yet, give us a listicle of this summers major festivals and events for pagans and witches—online or up close and personal.

Sun Shine Graphic
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Lifestyles Of The Witch And Pagan

Take it a step further and tell us about practicing the lifestyle of the witch and pagan in a mundane world. Send us your article on 7 witchy things to do in the season of the sun, or at the Minnesota State Fair, or in downtown Savannah, or a typical small town.

We want to hear how you ethically source the stones you use as talismans from the river bank, lake shore, or gravel pit. Fill us in on making poppets amulets, wards and lucky charms from elements in nature—stick dolls, clay figures, beads and baubles.

Do you collect bones, feathers or other animal remains? What are the safe and sanitary ways to handle and clean them? How do you use the bounty from your gardens and foraging in your witchy – pagan practice? Give us ten tips to recycle, reuse and repurpose what remains after mundane use and especially spell work.

In short, tell us about anything and everything under the sun related to practicing witchcraft or living pagan.

Evergreen Articles

Articles covering astrology, divination (tarot, runes, etc), and shadow or path work are always welcome. Ditto one-page plant (herb, spice, flower, tree), and crystal or gemstone monographs.

We’re always happy to receive reviews on books, movies, music, pop culture, podcasts or products. 500 -750 words is a target length, but we won’t hold you to it. Tell us what we need to hear in as many words as it takes. 

Looking Ahead

Red Maple Leaf
Image by lizzymay from Pixabay

Don’t be afraid to submit articles ahead of the season. Send us your Harvest, Samhain, and Yule articles now. Shout out to our —Southern Hemisphere witches and pagans—write them now while it’s top of mind.

And speaking of practicing in the Southern Hemisphere, if you do, and you have a burning desire to write for publication, please contact us about penning a column for witches and pagan on your side of the globe.

Submission Specs

Word count for submissions is not as important as content—keep your writing tight, with short sentences and paragraphs, using subheadings to break up content (like this one). We suggest between 500 and 1800 words, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Submit the entire article. Please use 12-pt. font in a standard typeface like Times New Roman. Single space, no paragraph indentation, and double space between paragraphs (exactly the way you see it here). Please use only one space after periods. Avoid use of italics or special formatting. All of this makes it easier for us to format for publication.

We may change the title of your submission for length and SEO. Your submissions may also be edited for length, ease of reading and clarity—any significant changes will be sent to author for approval. 

Images are appreciated if sourced from copyright free sights like Pixabay or Unsplash. Please include credit for the image creator when available (links are not necessary)

Let us hear from you.


The Editors

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