Ergatis the Energizer

Ergatis the Energizer

First things first

I enjoy giving credit where credit is due. One of the first conversations I had with my mentor Niki almost a year ago was about the Epithets of Hekate. I was newer than I am now and I had no idea about how to use Epithets. Niki first led me to Mat Auryn’s Pathoes article on the many names of Hekate. This is where my devotion really began with my goddess.

A while back, I wrote about my devotion to Hekate and that devotion included writing and giving thanks to many of her Epithets. To be honest, I struggle in my devotion all the time. I’m not a perfect human and I am certainly not a perfect witch. But I am persistent, and because of this alone I adapt all the time.

A new plan

In an effort to both keep true to my devotion to my goddess as well as to educate myself further, I am taking on the best commitment I can think of, content.

So over here at The Way Of Witch we are striving to provide the best, most dynamic content we can muster. Disclaimer: Some of us are Hekatean witches–that in no way means we will limit our subjects to just her. But for now she is the subject I am focusing on so deal with it, or don’t, that’s cool too.

My intention is to publish weekly at least one  Epithet and how it or they resonate with me at the current time. This is not only to help others grow, but also to help myself grow. Here’s hoping y’all are receptive to it.

Rant over, now onto the good stuff.


Ergatis is an awesome place to begin. This epithet is the energizer. When I’m low on wherewithal I speak her name. I ask for the energy to get through my day.

I like to start my days with a gratitude prayer to Hekate. From the moment I learned this epithet, I have used it nearly every day. I give thanks for the energy that I receive from the world around me. I give thanks that I have the energy to get through my day. And I give thanks that I am learning to use the energies around me more and more everyday.

For me, Hekate Ergatis is almost the definition of magick. We use the energy all around us. That energy comes from a source. In my eyes, Hekate Ergatis is a form of that source. She energizes the wind when it blows. She is in the sun as its rays feed the trees or heat the water in a lake.

Hekate Ergatis can be found in our interactions with people. I often am energized by the folks I talk to everyday. Whether they give me good energy, or not so great energy, they are still energizing me. I like to ask that Ergatis protects me from the negative energies around me by teaching me to transmute said energy into something positive.

Try this

If you pray or work with Hekate or, hell, even if you don’t. Give a little shout out to this baller of a source supply. Here is how I would do so.

Hail Hekate Ergatis. Thank you for the energy you supply me with. Thank you for the sun that helps the earth grow and warm. Thank you for the moon and its ebb and flow of ever-changing energy.

Hail Hekate Ergatis. Thank you for the chance to take in the energy you provide so I may get through my day. Thank you that as I interact with people we exchange energy. Thank you that energy is a circuit and that it takes both positive and negative flow to power a vessel like mine.

Hail Hekate Ergatis. Thank you that magick runs on energy. Thank you that you can refuel me. Thank you that through you I gain access to the divine energy all around me.

Hail Hekate Ergatis.

Peace Witches.


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