Goodnight Moon: Daily Practice Series 2021

Goodnight Moon: Daily Practice Series 2021

I can admit that Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of my favorite books to read at night. By the end of a long day, my ADHD brain loves how everything is sorted and named individually. My brain appreciates the order, and the depths of gratitude, imparted in a simply illustrated book for children.

The simplicity of Goodnight Moon got me thinking about my daily practice. I start off the day with so many small and deliberate rituals. However, I hadn’t been examining how I end my day, or simply, how I go to bed. Last year, it was throw something on Netflix and go to sleep. But in examining the tiny deliberate actions that I have been taking with my daily practice in 2021, I have started doing things differently at night.

I am sharing my list of the things that I do, or things that I have been thinking of doing this year, to end my day. I don’t want to tell you how to go to bed, but I do want to give you an idea of how to make a ‘Goodnight Moon’ ritual for yourself. How we start the day is dependent on how we ended the night before, don’t you think? If you doubt me, eat something spicy, drink a liter of water, and fight with a friend or family member before you go to bed, and tell me how you feel the next day! Please don’t actually do that, but please try some of the following before you say goodnight.

Also, I’m not getting money for any products I recommend here. This is stuff I actually use that I like that I thought you might like. 

I bought this reproduction of John Singer Sargeant's El Jaleo and it feels me with joy

Before saying Goodnight...

  1. Take a walk. This isn’t a long walk, or a high-intensity walk, but a calm walk before or after dinner. Sometimes I get antsy at night, and I take a walk around my neighborhood, look at the stars, breathe in some fresh air, and burn off the extra energy of the day. I also do a walking meditation sometimes, and I take this time to release all of the stress of the day and re-center my thoughts on tranquility.
  2. Surround yourself with the things you love. My house is chaos. It has been chaotic and full of change for the past two years. Because of this I have had to create an oasis in my bedroom. I have aromatherapy lamps, art, vinyl records, and other things that bring me peace.
    By carving out a place of peace and tranquility, you are making your nighttime routine so much easier. Find bedding that makes you smile, and decorate with art and other items that bring peace to your heart and mind. In other words, create a sacred place for sleep and rest.
  3. Get yourself an aromatherapy diffuser. I have this one and I love how it changes colors. At night I will put a few drops of lavender, white oak, eucalyptus, or rose essential oil and chill out. 

  4. Write in a journal. I have a journal that I write everything in – affirmations, spells, dreams, struggles, everything. I spend time in the evening writing down what I learned that day, ideas for my businesses, and momentary flashes of brilliance. I have found that all of this helps me get out of my head, and get the running thoughts out onto paper so I can’t perseverate on them. 

Heal Yourself Before Bedtime

The lady with the bloomers was something my grandma painted and had in her bathroom and now I have it in mine. Surround yourself with things that make you happy!

5. Meditate, pray, chant, or do some deep breathing. I thank my ancestors for their help during the day. I thank the Universe for its blessings. I thank any Gods or Goddesses that worked on my behalf.  I do some deep breathing. Sometimes I chant if I’m in the mood. Basically, I take the time to show gratitude and be quiet for a few minutes before I go to bed. 

6. Take a bath. Some nights if my pain levels are high (I have a chronic genetic illness), I am feeling frazzled, or I’m feeling sad, I’ll hop in the bath. I use this Pacha Bath Brew and light some candles and have a nice soak. Or, I’ll use my salt blend and some essential oils to soothe my muscles. Bathing before I tuck in and say goodnight to my family is both a time-saver in the morning and helps me wash off any negative energies from my day. 

7. Listen to soothing music, or watch one of the wave or rain channels on YouTube. I find rain relaxing, so I often find myself turning down the lights and watching a rain channel before I go to sleep. The wave channel is also good. But watch or listen to something that calms you. 

Nikki was sweet enough to gift me Brian Eno‘s Music for Airports. I can’t listen to that until my eyes are closed, because four notes in and I’m completely asleep. So if you have insomnia problems, have a listen. 

Now close your eyes...

8. Consider a salt lamp. I have a salt lamp in my room (yes, a real one) and it’s lovely. The warm glow isn’t intrusive, and salt lamps are said to be natural ionizers. Whether the health claims are true or not, they are a nice low-light option that makes your room feel extra cozy and warm. 

9. Dress up your bedside table for nighttime magic. On my bedside table I have my grandma’s antique lamp, a Hummel figurine, my salt lamp, a rose quartz and other crystals, and a candle that I’m obsessed with from Target. It helps “set the stage” at night for bedtime, and works as an altar. You can see it below. Dressing it up has lifted my heart, and has helped me sleep better. I have my intentions right next to me in a soothing arrangement. Plus, I have that sweet salt lamp glowing all night so that I don’t have to turn on a bright light to go to the bathroom. Find some soothing gemstones and other bedside decor that help calm and center you before saying goodnight. Make your sleeping space a sanctuary. 

10. Put bay leaves under your pillow for prophetic dreams. When I want to have lucid or prophetic dreams, I’ll pop a satchel of bay leaves under my pillow. Sometimes I just want to sleep sleep, but sometimes I want to go on epic adventures ( I am a Sagittarius), so I’ll grab my bay leaves before bed. Try it and let me know what happens!

My actual bedside table

Lora Evans


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