Lunar Magick: The Basics

Lunar Magick: The Basics

Each day and every night, many of us go about our lives with little thought about the moon. However, lunar magick is at work day in and day out, controlling our tides and tugging at our emotions and moods. For years, witches and pagans alike have harnessed the moon for various different purposes. The moon features as a source of power and contemplation in spells, manifestations, and meditation. Did you know that different phases of the moon cater to different aspects of our lives? We can collect and channel lunar energy with various methods.

Before learning how to make the most of the moon’s energy, we must understand its phases and the energy surrounding it. Astrologically, the moon rules over how we process our emotions and our mood. The moon is the ruler of Cancer and the Fourth House. In the zodiac, the Moon represents sensitivity, intuition, and moodiness. This all ties in to how humans interpret the lunar influence. At one point or another, you may have even heard the phrase, “The full moon brings out the crazies.” We also see a similar theme from the word “lunatic.” This all started because it was common knowledge that people experience heightened emotions or mood swings during the full moon. Some lunar magick traditions heavily associate the moon with intuition, purification, secrets, cleansing, and more. Each phase of the moon has its own energies and properties. 

Lunar Magick Powerhouse: The New Moon

The new moon is the first phase of the moon, and often we associate this phase of the moon with new beginnings, a fresh start, or breaking old habits. The new moon is a great time to put power into your manifestations. This lunar phase is excellent to empower rituals of endings, such as a cord cutting ritual or a cleansing. If you are someone who regularly wards your home, the new moon presents the perfect opportunity to recharge them with the lunar magick of the new moon phase.

Waxing and Waning Crescent

The waxing crescent is a good time to practice creativity, and to improve your communication skills. For instance, if you are trying to form a plan for a creative project, this is a good time to utilize the moon’s energy. The waxing crescent offers time before the full moon to clear your mind and settle in before taking action. Conversely, the waning crescent offers a time of rest and reflection, as it is the last phase of the moon. During this time, you should take the time to do some contemplation. Another use of this lunar cycle is to let go of what no longer serves you before the new moon.

First and Last Quarter

The first quarter moon projects strength, rejuvenation, and commitment. Use this energy to keep yourself moving. Use lunar magick to redouble efforts toward your manifestations. You may find that you have gotten yourself into a slump, as you are not 100% sure if you are doing the right thing. Much like the moon at this time, you are 50/50 on your ideas. Keep going, and show the Universe you are determined. You will be rewarded. The last quarter of the moon is also a time of letting go. Additionally, it can give you the time to begin thinking about your next plan. You may feel resistance as the end of the lunar cycle nears. But worry not! During this phase, take the time to relax and let the moon do some of the work for you. 

Waxing and Waning Gibbous

As the full moon nears,  we must be patient. The waxing gibbous reminds us of this as it slowly grows into the full moon. Use this time to trust that your wishes will come into fruition. In the meantime, the waxing gibbous is a perfect time to do spellwork associated with good health, success, and motivation. Conversely, the waning gibbous moon presents the perfect time to cleanse yourself and your home. Use this phase to unbind yourself from that which is holding you back. This could include undoing a mindset, delving into shadow work, or even breaking  a hex or curse that may have been placed on you. 

The Full Moon

The full moon is the most notorious phase of the moon, and rarely do we forget it. The energy is particularly strong as we are seeing the moon in its entirety. The full moon offers full-strength lunar power – great for healing, banishing, and clarity. This lunar cycle commands celebration. For some witches, the full moon energy is too intense so they spend time in meditation or taking a moon bath because water is the perfect vehicle for lunar magick. That said, some witches and covens like to take this highly energetic phase of the moon to its maximum potential by “drawing down the moon” Witches often charge our crystals, candles, and herbs in the light of the full moon. It is also a great time to make moon water!

Making the Most of Lunar Energy

Moon Water

Moon water is any type of water that has been placed out in the moon to reflect and absorb its energy. You can gather moon water during any phase of the moon, just understand that each phase has its own properties. New moon water won’t be the same as full moon water. Moon water is a great addition to any spell, particularly the spells for clarity, intuition, purification, and dreaming.  Just make sure it doesn’t sit in the sun, or you will have made solar water! 

Harnessing Lunar Energy

The secret to lunar magick is knowledge and action. Anyone can harness the energy of the moon, witch or not. For thousands of years, the moon has stood by and offered its guidance and energy. To use this energy for your own purposes, you must act. Otherwise, the lunar energy that you experience may not be what you need for your intention! To maximize the benefit of lunar energy, don’t just sit by. Take the phases of the moon into account when planning your spellwork or setting your intention.

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