MY Type of Witch

MY Type of Witch

My type of witch is complex. I don’t fit into a mold – never really have, to be honest. It seems to me that a witch like this is often dubbed “eclectic.” I like the idea of the word eclectic but I can’t say it really resonates with me in terms of witchcraft. Perhaps because I lack training, I fail to fall into that category or maybe there’s a bit more to it.

Let Me Explain

Storms, or more directly the wind in a storm, speak to me. Not with words of course. It’s more like the energy of the wind gets me. The first time I felt Persephone’s descent for the second half of the year,  I was standing with the wind in my face. An understanding came to me.

I love the sun. When people complain about the heat, I just don’t get it. In fall and winter my husband, sons and I sit around a bonfire on most dry nights. We’ll just sit there for hours gazing into the flame. I adore the way a flame dances and shapeshifts. I could watch this sort of thing for eternity and never get restless with it.

I like to burn things for my magick. I burn sigils in order to activate them. I burn bay leaves for my goddess when I open and close my space. I light candles for all kinds of reasons in my magickal workings.

When I work on my yard I talk to the trees, the grass, and even the thorny briars that had once taken over the land. I walk around barefoot in order to ground myself. And I have a firm belief that the earth is a powerful being that cares for us at all times.

I have devoted myself to Hekate and Hekate alone. I practice sex magick. I make potions and oils. I read the Tarot but I’m not great at it because I’m still learning. I use sigils and I appreciate runes.

Maybe a Witch Is Just a Witch

There is absolutely no wrong way to witch, so I’m not saying that a person who identifies as a kitchen witch is wrong. I would be way out of line to assume I have any authority to deliver such a ruling as to what kinds of labels are right and what is wrong.

In my opinion, a witch is sovereign. They are able to handle their own issues both in mundane ways and witchy one’s. To me, a witch is always learning. Why wouldn’t we be this ever changing creatures who ebb and flow like the tide.

Eclectic Isn’t a Big Enough Word

Yea, sure I get what the meaning of eclectic is but at the end of the day I would be remiss to place only that label upon myself. I’m an Aries and I’m guilty of having a short attention span. I could potentially blame that for the reason I jump around in my craft but honestly I don’t think that’s the case.

Witchcraft is so big. There are so many paths to walk within this gigantic world of magick. A witch is duty bound is to explore all of these paths to discover which ones fit their gifts and personality. If that means you are just a green witch, great! But for me, I have too much personality to stuff into a little box.

A Village of Witches

When I came into my power as a witch, I was led to draw down the moon during a ritual. I was seeking power to overcome. As I have grown stronger, I have learned so much in a short time. A lot of what I’ve learned has been about myself.

The search for knowledge is a vital aspect to walking the path of the wise. I mean, it’s almost self explanatory in the term ‘wise’ itself. So why wouldn’t a witch attempt to be ever-changing.

There’s this saying, “it takes a village”. And I couldn’t agree more. So yea, some witches should just be weather witches but others like myself should definitely step outside of the comfort zone of a label and just be whatever the hell kind of witch they are at the moment.

A Witch by any Other Name

It is my contention that no witch actually fits into a neat package. I believe, based on the evidence I’ve seen, that no witch out there practices just one style of witchery in a way that fits easily into a label. Sure, you’re a kitchen witch, but did you grow those herbs? Maybe then, you have some green witch in there somewhere.

I have a growing group of witches I know and talk to regularly. Many of them identify with some sort of witch subtitle. But from what I can see, they all sort of fall under the category of eclectic witch. This begs the question, “is there really such a thing as an eclectic witch?” Or maybe eclecticism the natural state of a witch.

Perhaps instead of focusing on this small piece of the big picture, we should call a spade a spade. Maybe instead of categorizing ourselves we could acknowledge that at the end of the day a witch, is a witch, is a witch.

So yea, I don’t identify as an eclectic witch. I light candles. I talk to the moon. I draw sigils. I attempt Tarot. I make potions and oils. I pray to the goddess I’m devoted to and I send energy out into the world.

This doesn’t make me eclectic. This just makes me a witch.

This is just my opinion, obviously. I am more that okay with anyone disagreeing with me as much as I am with someone agreeing with me. At the end of the day… there is no wrong way to witch.

Until next time.

Peace Witches.


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