Pollyanna at the Hellmouth: Choosing Dark Magic

Pollyanna at the Hellmouth: Choosing Dark Magic

I have rarely been one to curse, hex, bind or use dark magic.

Because of my mediumship, I have always been acutely aware of karmic debt. When I communicate with spirits, I don’t just talk to them about their most recent life, but I communicate any past lives as well. The same is true when I do psychic or tarot readings, and is especially true if we had a past life together. Our previous intertwinings unfold like a blockbuster movie in my head, and I can see why we are reunited. Because of my gifts, I have seen how our actions affect the life we are in and our lives beyond. And I have personally chosen to step away from dark magic in this life unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I have a strict moral code. Therefore, I will (usually) not use dark magic to get my way. I will not screw people over to get ahead or use and manipulate people to make money. I can’t do it! I’m always dismayed at the people that can. It physically hurts me to harm people. Even when my ex left in painful fashion, and I was so angry I could have lit a lightbulb, I chose peace. I did a jar spell, but I filled the jar with  flowers, sugar, oatmeal, calming herbs and other helpful things. As a giver and a helper, and I wanted to see him healed. And I have always been charmingly gullible and believed that if we give people what they need maybe they will stop being evil. Because why be evil if you’re freely given the things that help you?

I won’t apologize for being a Pollyanna, because I’m a Pollyanna that will open a Hellmouth under your house if I need too.

Choosing Dark Magic

I’m not completely divorced from the idea of hexing, cursing, and binding people. I have used dark magic. Years ago I had a stalker, a dangerous stalker that threatened my life on a number occasions. I cursed him and everyone that enabled him to abuse me. I called on spirits that probably shouldn’t be called on, but I was desperate. He and his enablers all went to prison (though not for terrorizing me), and I changed every part of my life for the better. That rough time shifted something inside me, and after doing all of that dark magic I chose to use protection spells going forward.

I am a huge proponent of protection, freezer, mirror, and reverse spells. I prefer to be proactive in my protection, and choose spell work that has my enemies show their entire ass instead of me showing mine. Because of that, signs come out when people aren’t acting with the same heart that I am. It’s like a bell ringing when they speak their lies. I’m grateful to the Universe for its mediation. I also have spiritual guardians that straight up tell me not to trust certain people’s words. I can then act and adjust accordingly. But I’ve recently decided, in the face of some bold and stupid witches (and non-Witches) to fight fire with fire.

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Times Are Changing

This change of heart started at a recent online event. I spotted an egregore in someone’s home. To me, it was plain as day, begging me to look at it so it could enter into my space. It was a spy egregore, sent to drain the target’s energy while using their eyes as a camera. Hell no did I want that in my space! So I immediately got out every tool, herb, and magical shield I could find to not only protect myself, but protect the target too (with their permission). I even called on my guardian spirits, one of whom took control of my body for a bit to do some chanting for protection.

This is a longer story, but in my early days of mediumship I was a walk-in and would let spirits into my body to communicate. I unlearned that habit real quick and only do it now in special circumstances, like fighting this chaotic blob of gross that was trying to gain access. In the end, we were able to stop it and send it away. But in a conversation the next day, it brought up my deep issues regarding moral codes, karma, and the use of light and dark magic.

Like I said, I’m not one to hex, curse, or bind someone. I don’t want the karmic repercussions. But my mind has been changed lately. I’m learning to take my own advice. This past year, and it’s changes, brought about internal changes on what I would tolerate and stand for in my life, my home, my professional space and my relationship space. I am not putting up with people and their negative hateful manipulations anymore! It’s time to move beyond protection spells.

Is it Time to Go Dark?

After dealing with the egregore, I decided to do an uncovering spell. Egregores, taglocks, poppets and other negativity can happen when you trust people that say they are trying to help you, without discerning if that’s true. Not everyone that calls themselves friend are actually friends. There is no judgement here. Some people are very charming, and you don’t realize how deep in their bullshit you are until you’re covered in it. Some people have a spiritual ego keeps them from seeing that they are harming themselves and others. Therefore, they blame you and everyone else when things go wrong and you become the abuser and they are the victim. Sound familiar?

I have learned (through trauma) to be wary and get my hackles up if people are: love bombing, offering Reiki, sending magical supplies when the relationship is new, always praising, offering magic on my behalf, or when people don’t have many old friendships. Everything gets cleansed before entering my house, and everything gets cleansed weekly. Call me paranoid if you must, but I call it holding my space and maintaining rigid boundaries. I want you to do this for yourself too! Someone gave you an amulet, a statue, or an athame? Cool! Better to bury it in the earth for a few days and cleanse it under a full moon before charging it!

So, back to the uncovering spell. After honoring and blessing my ancestors and the gods and goddesses that I work with regularly, I asked for their intercessions in uncovering who was trying to manipulate, use, and ruin me. I asked for help seeing witches and non-witches. Some people aren’t “witches” but still do magic without the fancy title or knowledge. What was revealed filled me with so much rage that I could have lit an entire stadium of lightbulbs. My jaw is still clenched! But, I made an offering for helping me see the truth, and setting things back in my favor.

Being Bad Lora


Bad Lora is what I have always playfully called myself when I do things for myself. After the uncovering spell, I know that this alter ego is someone I need to be more often and I need to take her seriously. I now know that people close to me, people I had trusted, have been using me for their personal gain. And I’ve let it happen, ignoring signs, because I didn’t want to believe it. I choose to see the good in people, especially if they’ve helped me through a rough time in my life. Plus, I am blessed by having friends since childhood. I don’t lose some friends and gain some more. I gain more friends, like a train picking up passengers at every stop but no one ever disembarking.

So having “good” friends turn on me is new. And I hate it! Some people are just evil at their core. Sometimes they are born this way, and sometimes it’s born of trauma. I can’t harm myself by continuing to let it happen. So for the first time in 15 years, I did some dark magic.

I won’t tell you what I did, for obvious reasons. However, I will tell you this: discernment is your best friend. When people that claim to be on your side try to push through your boundaries, they aren’t on your side. They are on their side. Pay attention! Walk away if you can. Do a jar spell, a freezer spell, and constantly maintain a protection bubble around yourself if you can’t just walk away (because sometimes you cannot walk away).

And don’t be afraid to work that dark magic to protect yourself and your interests.

Do the Dark Magic you Need to Do

I once told a girlfriend that had issues with her brother that if he could harm her without a second thought, she should be protecting herself without a second thought. She was a witch too, and we placed a dark sentinel at her door. When he came into her space with love, he was fine. He got injured when he came to abuse her. It started with stepping on a thumbtack and moved up to him being seriously electrocuted. Over time he learned to not come near her with anything but love. He also learned meditation techniques and how to self-soothe. All of his relationships improved. And she didn’t do anything but ask a guardian spirit to protect her by any means necessary.

The work is sometimes practical, like denying access and walking away. Other times, when you are involved in something that you can’t walk away from, you have to stand your ground and use your magic. A freezer spell isn’t always enough, and you will need to put someone in a jar with some black salt and chili peppers for them to get the hint. Sometimes you need to let your ancestors do the work for you and separate yourself from the outcome, as violent as it might be for your enemy. My ancestors practice Norse magic and Conjure/Rootwork. I leave them alone when I ask for assistance.

And remember that it is okay be a Pollyanna, opening a Hellmouth to get people to wake up, get to know their shadow, and change their ways. The harm to them stops when they stop harming you.
So do the dark magic that you need to do.

And on that note….until next time, my lovelies.

Tell me your feelings on light and dark magic. You can find me in our The Way of Witch Facebook Group where we discuss all things magic! I hope to see you there!

Lora Evans


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