Saturday Social Club: Witches’ Winter Soiree

Saturday Social Club: Witches’ Winter Soiree

Join us 12/19 for our Saturday Social Club “Witches’ Winter Soiree.” We will celebrate the clicking of the wheel of the year in our Zoom Lounge. We will be sharing Yuletide stories and chatting about all of the other holidays witches and pagans celebrate during this time of the year. Bring your kitchen witchery recipes for delicious goodies. We will share ours with you! Also, we will be pulling tarot cards for everybody and holding a candle ritual for healing.

As always, we will have fabulous witchy fun with laughter and shenanigans.

Saturday, 12/19/2020
4:00 PDT, 7:00 EDT
In the Way of Witch Zoom Room

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