Self-Care for the Zodiac

Self-Care for the Zodiac

The Zodiac in Quarantine

The word “zodiac” comes from Greek and means “little circle of animals. While not every sign has an animal avatar, they can each act a little cagey when locked up! Over this past year, many of us have dealt with some version of pandemic lockdown. Our usual forms of self-care has been a casualty of Covid. As a result, people feel alone and out of sorts. Now, our inner “little animals” no longer dance, happily, in a circle. Rather, they are stuck in a old, cramped zoo; caged, lonely and out of their natural elements. Meanwhile, under these stressful circumstances, every sign in the Zodiac acts out its dark side. As a result, we lash out with undesirable behaviors that harm ourselves and others. That said, every sign has unique self-care options to help it through these troubled times


Self-Care: Feeding and Taming the Beasts

Truth be told, human beings are animals too. In particular, like the animals we visit in our zoos, we likely need more nourishment than our we are getting.  Proper self-care requires that we expand our lives during these isolating times. Nevertheless, many of my friends, family and extended circle have done the opposite. Every day, I see people pulling away from their social connections and going into “hermit mode.” Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, they have put their dreams, friendships and lives on hold. As a result, they are depressed, anxious and fearful. They have been alienated from their inner fire. As such, their little animals have started to rattle the bars of their cages. In this light, we need some quality self-care all around!

In general, I believe that self care extends beyond chocolate cake and bubble baths. (Although sometimes those indulgences are exactly what we need!) For this reason, good self-care both feeds the little beasts and tames their excesses. Without a doubt, nourishing our cravings can help us to thrive. That said, real self care creates balance. It is important to realize that some of our cravings are not good for us. In fact, restraining these excesses not only helps tame the inner beasts but provides opportunity for new growth. 

In addition to feeding and taming our inner animals,  I am a big proponent of the healing power of music. As a treat, I have included a song for each sign to help get those critters dancing once again!  It is important to realize that everyone contains some of each sign within their chart so listen to the whole list with your entire being. Also, pay close attention to the tips and songs for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

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Nikki Zang Roszko

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