Spontaneous Witchcraft Is the Best!

Spontaneous Witchcraft Is the Best!

This morning I had a huge revelation and a moment of spontaneous witchcraft as I was cleaning my room.

For over a year and a half now I have gloriously been afforded the entire bed, and have been using a sideboard to hold my record player and my small (but growing) record collection. Imagine being able to roll over and put a record on the turntable without leaving the comfort of your bed? It was magical.

But I also battle a genetic disorder that leaves me both lightheaded and dizzy or in horrible pain some of the time. I have been dreaming of an overbed desk, so that even on high pain days when I can’t sit at my desk, I can still be productive. My cousin gave me a gift card for my birthday, and I finally went out and got my lumber and supplies. As I was drawing out my plans though, I realized that there was a problem. My sideboard is over 3 feet long and my desk fantasy wouldn’t be able to roll anywhere close to the headboard. So I moved the records, and the sideboard now has a proper place in the kitchen holding my mug collection.

Now here is where the witch stuff comes in.

Once the new smaller bedside table was moved into it’s new home, I realized that I have been completely blocking the energy to new love! With a sideboard!

I got divorced a year and a half ago, and have casually dated, but have not moved beyond that into something more serious. And I’ll be honest here, as antiquated and patriarchal as it sounds, I miss being a wife. I miss making dinner for someone, and being excited when my love comes home from work, and having weekend plans with a partner.

I am fine being alone, but I have longed for real partnership again. And I have done all of the work! I have worked on my career, my hobbies, my traumas, my cooking skills, and myself. I have done spell work, shadow work, and have asked my ancestors for assistance. And I have been blocking it all with this damn sideboard.

The first thing I did was put the record player back in its rightful place next to my bed. But I also added a lamp, a clear spot for someone’s phone, and a spot for some water. I put a giant rose quartz on the bottom shelf of the three-tiered table. And in my Tacos and Cervezas shirt and oversized sweatpants, I did some magic this morning.

Spontaneous Altar Making

A part of my spontaneous altar
My Grandpa Otto on his farm with one of his lambs

I made a tiny spontaneous altar space with four important items that represent love to me:
A plate my Grandma Wilhelmine had painted.
The old faucet handle from my Grandma Wilhelmine and Grandpa Otto’s chicken farm.
One piece of Murano glass candy that I bought in Venice, Italy.
A white candle I then said words over the altar as I lit the candle.

I can’t remember the exact words, and it wasn’t a formal spell. Something about opening the space up for love and partnership and lighting the candle so they can find their way to me. And then I laughed and danced around to some ABBA, lightening the mood in the room.

I Love Spontaneous Magic!

I love spontaneous magic! Sometimes, as witches, we are bullied into some sort of pomp and circumstance. I don’t know about you, but I can’t always go into the woods on a full or dark moon, with a familiar (preferably a wolf), and cast a spell that I have been crafting for months. And I don’t think that’s what the witches that came before us did either. Magic was a part of their every day life, and in every moment of their day; they were casting spells, giving blessings, and ‘walking the walk’ with their magic. Tibetan Monks aren’t just connected to spirit when they are doing their Vajrayana chants. They are connected when they are making rice, tending the fire, and talking with their friends.

Most of the time my magic happens in my backyard at 2pm with Nikki on the phone for support! And it is still good magic! There isn’t a closed-circle of connection to Spirit that dictates that we have to wear black robes and only go out on this day under this moon to do this type of spell. Are there better times to do certain spells? Yes. Is that always possible though?

I think that’s why I have been wary of  joining a coven or witch groups again. When I left my previous coven and decided to be a solitary, it was because of rules. I was never witness to spontaneous magic as everything was laden in ritual and order. I love ritual, and I definitely love fellowship! Working spells with other people is an amazing opportunity to combine energies for the benefit of all. But I hate the cliquey precious rules and dogma that some people like to put into our space. There are very few absolutes in magic, so why do we try to control each other with canon?

So can you do me a favor?

I have come up with a short list of things that we can all do to make our witch communities, covens, and sanctuaries safer places for all.

1. Do some witchcraft in the middle of the morning in your nightgown.

2. If someone is excited about a spell that they did, try to bite your tongue. Don’t school them on ‘the better way’ unless they ask for advice. This is especially important if they are new to witchcraft. Unless something puts them in actual mortal danger, let it be. Don’t be a know-it-all witch!

3. Spend a day blessing everything and everyone that comes across your path.

4. Remember that you aren’t just a witch when you are in your robes and bathed and saged and ready to do a spell with your dressed candles. You are a witch always. Magic is always at your fingertips, even when you feel you aren’t ready.

5. Meditate and think of the witches of pre-industrialized societies. They didn’t have all of the resources that we do. They had their home, their hearth, their garden, and their willingness to try. Spend a day being that simple witch, using what you have to make magic in your life and the lives of others.

Before I sign off

I love all of you and the way you witch! Our magazine, and our magical community, strive to remain a safe and welcoming place for all witches at all stages of growth. I would love to hear about your moments of spontaneous witchcraft, and the ways you keep witchcraft open and welcoming to all. Until next time!

Lora Evans


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