The Moon in the Witchy Hot Takes: Nov.30-Dec.6,2020

The Moon in the Witchy Hot Takes: Nov.30-Dec.6,2020

In this week’s Witchy Hot Takes, Lora discusses the Beaver Moon and the Full Moon in Gemini. She also talks about other events of the week. The episode can be viewed on our Youtube Channel or here on The Way of Witch.

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A note from Lora: The Full Moon in Gemini brings very transformative energy, which may be too intense for new witches. It might not be the best time to make Moon Water! That Moon Water may do some crazy crazy things, so please be careful. You are welcome to do it, but make sure to report back and tell me what happens! I want to hear all of the sordid details. This is the time to take a more meditative approach to things. Now is the time to let go of baggage, release old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, and set yourself a new narrative. Write a new story for your life. Reset your intentions and realign your thinking with the truth.

This is also the time of the Mourning Moon. This is a time of year when the Veil is very thin, so any trips into the Underworld require a tether. You can very easily slip into the Underworld, so be sure to have something to guide you back if you decide to take the journey. Personally, I am not going to do anything too deep with this Full Moon, but I understand those that like to deep dive, especially this time of year. This is very intense energy, so practice your magic wisely. My personal focus will be on transforming and cleansing some things that require more attention. I wish you all the best as you dance under this Full Moon and bring your life into sharp focus!

Lora Evans


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