Wild and Free

Wild and Free

Today, I came across a new post by Keeping Her Keys, “My Goddesses Are Wild And Free”

You can read the original article here.

I have to say, I certainly feel this way about Freyja… she came to me on her terms, unbidden.  I was dancing with a hula hoop one moment bidding Loki to stop stealing the hoop… and then… I WAS HER.  My hoop a weapon on the battlefield. The hearts of men and beasts at my command. My dance, a siren’s song and warning.  Power overwhelming. She caught my attention and my heart.

Years later… I hear Hekate whispering… uncertain that she was really calling me… I approach to commit to a dedicated practice… she turns it into an initiation and a challenge.   “You want to work with me?” She said… “then, find me”.

I appreciate the challenge, the utterly terrifying call to action that my goddesses require.

They have not beckoned me to sit on the sidelines while they play the game.  They insist I step up… I enter the field and make every attempt to succeed at my full potential.

They do this through whispers… sometimes stumbling blocks when I’m stubborn… through giving me an answer, a solution… but insisting that I do the work to attain it.

In her article, Cyndi Brannen mentions finally acquiring a statue of Hekate.  What that statue means and the place it holds.

I have statues… many!  I enjoy the physical representations of divinity. I don’t believe that my goddesses live in these statues awaiting my command.

I built a shrine for Hekate when I first acquired a statue of her. A statue that screamed at me to take her home. I had read that Hekate should be housed in a temple, shut away from potentially being seen by the eyes of the profane. So I have her curtains to hide behind…

I couldn’t keep the curtains closed.  To shut her away, only exposing her at my discretion is what felt profane!

I appreciate and follow the goddess I do BECAUSE they aren’t meek, subservient, or mild mannered!  I honor them for their strength, their passion, their wildness!

I, too, find my goddesses wild and free – just the way I like ‘em!

Serendipity Wyrd

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