Yule, Kwanzaa, Moon-WWHT Dec 21st-Dec 27th

Yule, Kwanzaa, Moon-WWHT Dec 21st-Dec 27th

Yule, Kwanzaa & the Celtic Birch Moon

Yule, Kwanzaa, the Celtic Birch Moon, and the moon phases are featured in this weeks Witchy Hot Takes for Dec 21st – 27th, 2020

First, let’s talk about “The Christmas Star” which isn’t really a star, it’s actually Jupiter and Saturn aligning and shining bright in the sky. Please check local conditions for the best time to view it.

As for the moon, we start with a First Quarter Moon in Pisces. This is a good moon for creative types and those working on spiritual growth. Then we move into a Waxing Gibbous which starts in Aries, which cautions us to slow down and not rush the things we are working on. The Moon moves into Taurus after that, which asks us to turn inwards and focus on our self-worth, being comfortable with change, and finding comfort within so that we can find peace and tranquility no matter what’s going on around us.


On December 21st, Yule begins. As a Germanic person, this excites me. If you’re confused, please subscribe to my YouTube channel on Genealogy.

Some things you can do for Yule:
Build an Altar
Have a Candlelight Celebration
Give back to Nature or Donate to a Nature Charity
Decorate a Yule tree
Make an Evergreen Wreath
Burn a Yule Log or an Oak log and learn about Yule Log traditions


For our Christian Witches, Christmas is on December 25th. Instead of the usual kissing under the mistletoe and mass consumption, explore and study Christmas traditions from around the world and incorporate them into your Christmas rituals. Like Krampus.


Also this week, December 26th is when Kwanzaa begins. It is Confession Time: I grew up singing Silent Night in German, so I had to do some research on Kwanzaa. I’m happy to say that I am enlightened now and want to incorporate some of these traditions this year and in the future. For each day of the seven-day Festival, you study a principle and light a candle on a seven-branched candelabra.
The seven principles are (thank you Wikipedia):

  1. Unity
  2. Self-determination
  3. Collective Work and Responsibility. For my Hawaiian peeps, it reminds me of the practice of Kuleana
  4. Cooperative economics
  5. Purpose
  6. Creativity
  7. Faith

Celtic Birch Moon

For my Celtic Witches the Celtic Birch Moon starts on December 24 and runs through January 20th. This is a great time to work on your New Year’s Resolutions. Focus on new beginnings, contemplating what you do and don’t want to bring with you into the New Year. Do a Resolution blessing. Cleanse yourself of negativity. And make like a Birch tree and practice regeneration as we head into 2021.

Lora Evans


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