A Soulful Spring (Featuring Bonus Onward and Upward Tarot Spread)

A Soulful Spring (Featuring Bonus Onward and Upward Tarot Spread)

A different kind of Spring...

Spring has officially arrived in my corner of the world. While the trees planted by human hands are bursting into exquisitely delicate color, the desert answers with her own mantle of green as the rains and warm sunshine bring life back to the barren soil.

While Autumn definitely holds the crown in my heart as my favorite season, there is always a sigh of relief for me when Spring returns. The long, thin winter is past, and with it the darkest part of the year for my mind and soul. Spring is rebirth, both for me and for the land. I gaze upon the landscape with renewed appreciation as I lift my bare arms to the sun.

Though the traditional green meadows and rolling hills associated with the sabbat of Ostara are nowhere in sight for me, the renewal of balance brought by the Vernal Equinox is everywhere. I hear it in the joyful arias sung by the birds in my backyard. I see it in the brilliantly blue skies. I feel it in the slowly warming sandstone. It’s as if I can finally let go of a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, a sigh of relief and gratitude for another year.

This, to me, is the true essence of Ostara–the rejuvenation of spirit, the sensation that the dark and cold are behind us for at least a little while and we have a chance once again to create the life we dream of. So as you enjoy your festivities, feasting, and families, I hope you take a few minutes to yourself to plant the energetic seeds of what you want this year to mean for you. What secret songs have you been nurturing in the long winter that are ready to burst forth? What new heights  do you long for your wings take you to? What challenges will you set for yourself to test your limits? What will be the catalyst for your growth?

For myself, I’m challenging myself to reconnect with my creativity, reexamine my priorities to make more time for what feeds my soul and brings me joy, and plant the seeds of self-discipline to make my dreams reality.

To help inspire you, I want to share my “Onward and Upward” tarot spread! I hope it gives you insight.

IMG_20190323_165326262-01 (1)

Card 1: Where you currently are. Your “seed state.”
Card 2: What is blocking you from “sprouting?”
Card 3: What action can you take now to start breaking through that shell?
Card 4: What course should you take to ensure growth continues?
Card 5: What you can expect to find when you bloom!

Anja Solsystir

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