Author: Daniel Noga

I have practiced magick and worked with spirits for nearly 25 years. After working in a solitary context for much of my life, I spent time as a member and national speaker for The Theosophical Society in America, where I first discovered a passion for writing and speaking about spirituality and occultism. Since then, I’ve cultivated a relationship with Hekate, returning to my more witchy roots, and have embraced Left Hand Path practice as a path of self-development. Tying all of this together, I have incorporated work with ceremonial daggers called phurbas, highlighting a shamanistic calling that involves synthesizing all of the above. I am currently studying Counseling Psychology at North Park University in Chicago and dreaming of ways to merge my spirituality with this vocation. I have also been published in Isis-Seshat (international journal of the Fellowship of Isis) and the digest Questing SET compiled by Judith Page and Don Webb.