Celebrate Imbolc: Weekly Witchy Hot Takes

Celebrate Imbolc: Weekly Witchy Hot Takes

Let’s start with the good stuff! It’s time to celebrate Imbolc this week!

Welcome to the Weekly Witchy Hot Takes for February 1-7th, 2021.


February 2nd is starting our month and week off right with Imbolc and Lammas. I’m a Sagittarius, so I love to celebrate something! But more than that, I love the idea that soon the weather will warm up and I can pack up and shelf my heated blanket for the season.


If you’re looking for ideas for what to do to celebrate Imbolc, please check out the new article by Willow Rose. She maps out all sorts of rituals and things you can do to mark the holiday. While you’re on the website, please read my latest article on building a Daily Practice in 2021. I’m rounding out the month of articles with nighttime rituals and practical advice to help you sleep better and have a better morning.


As for the Moon we have the following:


For the Waning Gibbous in Libra and the Last Quarter moon in Scorpio, its time to give thanks for the lessons learned and the abundance given, and release, purge, and let go of what’s unnecessary. Surround yourself with the things that bring you happiness, and use that Scorpio moon to reflect and release.

On February 6th we move into a Waning Crescent in Sagittarius. Now is a good time to use that Sagittarius energy to go inward and spiritually attune, explore the depths of your mind, and go on epic adventures of release.


Happy Imbolc! Fruitful Lammas! Happy Groundhog Day! Enjoy Candlemas! Have a wonderful week!

Please join us February 8th in the Zoom Lounge for a special Imbolc Event. We will have poetry readings, music, tarot card pulls, a healing circle, and giveaways!!

celebrate imbolc

Lora Evans


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