Daily Divination: Daily Practice Series for 2021

Daily Divination: Daily Practice Series for 2021

I have very few resolutions and goals for 2021. Call it “2020 Shellshock” if you must, but one thing 2020 taught me was to release attachments to things and people. So instead of focusing on Goals with a big G in 2021, I am focusing on little every day goals. And one of those goals is to have a daily magical practice, which includes daily divination. So please consider this the first in a series of articles on forming a sustainable daily witchcraft practice.

I am starting the series with the fastest and easiest habit that I have been doing for years: a daily tarot card divination. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to work with James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager Deck. It’s still my go-to deck because I love the imagery and lesson within each card. Plus, James is a fantastic person and wonderful teacher and I learned so much from him. James is also known, if you don’t know him, as Captain Pick-a-Card, and it is from him that I picked up this daily practice to start the day with a card.,

Daily Divination

Each day, I go to my main altar and I light a candle. I light the candle to honor myself and my ancestors. The candle lighting is also a way to focus on my day and say to the Universe, “I am ready”. Then, I pick my card of the day. First, I pick a card from the Voyager Deck, because I know it like it’s a member of my family. It’s like a hug and a secret message from an old friend. And more recently, I started picking a card from the Starman Deck also because I love the art and I want to learn it’s secrets.

I stand in front of my altar and examine the cards. Holding the cards, I take in the divination of the day, absorbing all of the knowledge being sent to me from the Universe. What can I expect? Are any miracles coming up in my day? Should I look out for any surprises? It’s a way to focus, to be prepared for all of the day’s possibilities, and to recenter on my goals. Sometimes I ask for clarification cards. Most of the time I let it be. Occasionally I don’t want to do it because I’m “too busy”, but I always do. Then I say a few prayers, thank my ancestors for their intercessions, and move on with my day.

My Cards of the Day

For example, today my cards were XIX The Sun (Voyager), and Prince of Pentacles (Starman). So what does this mean for me? Well today, I had decided I would work and do some writing today since I took all of last week off. So for me, The Sun is supporting me in my decision to work today and promises that my action and creative pursuits will lead to new life. In the vein same, the Prince of Pentacles says the same thing. The energy of this card is “I consistently create my empire”. I have  a few (but major) right livelihood goals for myself and for Way of Witch Magazine for 2021, and that starts with actually doing the work.  

Take Action this Year

Starting the day with divination is probably one of the easier habits to form starting in the new year. It’s also a great daily action if you want to strengthen your psychic and medium muscles. Just like getting some exercise every day to strengthen our bodies, we need to take action daily to strengthen our psychic connections to the world. I personally exist in a state of always being “on”. My psychic antennas are always up so that I’m always ready to assist my friends and family if they need otherworldly knowledge. But being in that state takes work.

Practicing witchcraft, whether it be divination or spell work or meditation, takes work. Do not be a “Witch-in-name-only”, but be a witch that works their craft every day. Stirring your morning tea can be a magical act if you so desire, but you need to put in the work! One of my goals with Way of Witch Magazine this year is to impart my experiences and knowledge to you, not to spoon feed you information so that you can PLAY at being a witch, but to inspire you to do the work and BE a witch. I hope you’ll join me weekly as we explore the way of witch and develop and strengthen our daily practice.

Lora Evans


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