The Moon is all up in our Feelings this Week

The Moon is all up in our Feelings this Week

The Moon is all up in our feelings for this week and making us feel in the Weekly Witchy Hot Takes for January 4-10, 2021!

Hello friends! I hope your New Year’s celebrations were lit!! I stayed in and watched movies, fell asleep at 9:30pm and then woke up at 11:30pm to what sounded like about 75 fireworks shows around my neighborhood. Let me know what you did so that I can live vicariously through you!

It’s a pretty light week as we start our journey into 2021. This liminal period is great for going inwards, reflecting, and working on our hearth, home, and ourselves. So here is a very brief Weekly Witchy Hot Takes.


Happy Birthday Nikki!

First, the most important thing: It is Nikki’s Birthday is this week! Please send all of your happy birthday, healing, creative, and prosperity vibes to Nikki this week so that her energy field is filled with love! We love you Nikki!!

Now, onto the moon news!

The Waning Gibbous in Virgo on January 4th reminds us to release expectations and go with the flow. Not everything is always going to be perfect, so this Virgo energy is inviting us to work letting it all go. 

The Moon moves into Libra on January 5th, and we are reminded to be who we are and to accept our feelings whether they are good or bad. Embrace your shadow. Learn from it. This feeling continues into the Last Quarter Moon in Libra that arrives on January 6th.

Then when we move into the Waning Crescent in Scorpio and Sagittarius, we are asked to take a deep dive into our relationships and our feelings. Get rid of the shallow relationships and shallow goals holding you back. With the Moon in Sagittarius we are  asked to strengthen the goals that give our lives meaning. Also remember to stay optimistic through the ups and downs of life. Never give up, like a true Sagittarius!

That’s all the Witchy News that’s fit to print this week. I will be back next week for more Witchy News. 
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Lora Evans


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