Witchcrafting Prosperity Bowls: Saturday Social Club

Witchcrafting Prosperity Bowls: Saturday Social Club

Note: This event has been rescheduled from January 9th to January 16th.

Is prosperity a 2021 goal for you, your family or your business? Then join us on January 16th in the Way of Witch Zoom Lounge for “Witchcrafting: Prosperity Bowls.” This workshop will be a chance to do some real witchcraft, socialize with other witches and share your own tips and tricks on prosperity magick. By coming together with other witches to make these bowls, we will share and amplify the magick directed towards prosperity in 2021.

Prosperity Bowls are excellent magickal tools to draw prosperity into your home, even as you sleep! The bowls we will make represent a witchy take on this time-honored Feng Shui tradition of a wealth bowl. In this workshop, we will discuss the magickal correspondences of prosperity that you may already have in your home. We will also talk about bowl placement and how to keep the magick active and growing throughout the year.

Lora will lead a guided meditation for manifesting prosperity in which we will activate our new bowls! Also, Nikki will draw Tarot cards for everyone! These mini-readings will help uncover blocks and hidden gifts that we each have when it comes to prosperity.

Suggested Materials for Prosperity Bowl

  • A bowl, preferably made of a natural material.
  • Sage or cinnamon sticks for cleansing the bowl
  • Crystals: aventurine, jade, citrine, chrysoprase, cinnabar, emerald, pyrite, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, amethyst, amber, garnet
  • Jewelry
  • Herbs: allspice, basil, chamomile, cinnamon, calendula, comfrey, cinqfoil, mint, star anise, patchouli leaf
  • Loose change of any currency
  • Dollar dollar bills
  • Green, gold or silver candle. White is always acceptable.
  • Bay leaves (for writing intentions, can also be written on paper)
  • Paper and pens
  • Statues and other trinkets

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