New Body, New Mind and Hekate’s Epithet Nyssa

New Body, New Mind and Hekate’s Epithet Nyssa


Nyssa is an epithet I adore, as found in the Greek Magical Papyri, it is associated with: goals, beginnings, turning points, and ambition. As an Aries who handles change really well, what’s not to love, right.

I enjoy giving thanks to Hekate Nyssa in the morning, while I drive to the gym, before the sun’s come up. I always thank Nyssa for a new day because I believe that each day starts as a clean slate. It’s an opportunity to be present and to not worry about yesterday.

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If I were to attribute one of the three realms to Nyssa I’d say it’s pretty middle world to me. I guess I feel like in both the underworld and heavenly realms there aren’t really new beginnings. I guess beginning anything seems like a relatively physical thing to me. 

I view this epithet as feminine and refer to it as her/she. Obviously these are very personal gnosis and I wouldn’t assume anyone else should feel this way.

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New Mind

I took this horrible job that ate up all of my time. I quit the job because I couldn’t devote my time to the things that are important to me: my family, building my house, and my magick. 

When I made the leap back into poverty I gave thanks to Nyssa. This was a new beginning for me even though I was going back to where I was before. I had a new mindset on matters of my life. I’ve always been obsessed with having or not having enough money. Losing time from the things that matter most helped to open my mind to the idea that cash is not what it takes to make me happy.

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When I thank Nyssa for this new beginning, I thank her for the understanding I have come to in regard to finances. I thank her for blessing me with the things I need in order to see the fruition of this new beginning bloom. And I thank Hekate Nyssa for goading me into the place where these things became clear. 

My mind is anew with an understanding of the hierarchy of MY needs. I feel blessed that this new beginning has come with a new mindset.

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New Body

Summer is pretty much in full swing here in the southern United States. Solstice has just past but in the states after Memorial Day it’s all weekends at the lake and grilling dinner nightly. At least it is for me, here in South Carolina. 

Going to the lake is typically met with a lot of excitement from my boys. My husband is ridiculously fit which is great because, ya know, eye candy and what not. Me on the other hand. I’ve grown into my dad bod pretty hard with love handles and a not-at-all-flat stomach. While it’s great that I can wash my clothes on my husbands stomach I’d rather match him at the lake than spiral into self inflicted body shaming as I take my shirt off. 

So because I’m an Aries I won’t be out done. Yea my husband has a beautiful body and I’m very pleased that it’s mine to play with and annoy as I see fit. But in the end I don’t want to continue to feel inferior to him in any way.

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Let’s face it we live in a particularly visual world where our superheroes are ridiculously fit. Models and magazines keep trying to break the mold for women and that’s great but you can look anywhere and see the same type of man emulated as, what is meant to be the perfect male body. 

I don’t think all guys are required to live up to that image but I sure as hell want to. I enjoy the way my body used to make me feel capable of doing things like running long distances or being able to jump further and higher than others.

The Work and the Payoff

Every morning while I am giving thanks I sometimes sneak in a petition. Most mornings as I am on my way to the gym, I stop to thank Nyssa for the goal of bringing my sexy back. Amongst other Epithets I ask Hekate Nyssa to help empower me in reaching my weight goals, my lifting goals, and my running goals. 

I tend to believe that there is magick in everything mundane.  When I’m doing interval runs on the treadmill at 4:30 in the morning I am actively focusing  the energy I am putting out into certain epithets like Nyssa or Ergatis. I am essentially returning the favor in energy.


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