Our Goals are coming to life in this week’s WWHT

Our Goals are coming to life in this week’s WWHT

Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s Weekly Witchy Hot Takes! This week we are ready to fine tune our goals, collect our harvest with the Full Moon, and get ready for the cycle to start all over again. Who’s ready?

First up, we have the Waxing Gibbous in Gemini on January 25th. Fine-tune your vision through journal work or talking it out with a trusted friend.

Then, as the Moon moves into Cancer on January 26th and January 27th, take the time for some self-care! Hop in a warm bath with some herbs and use the water to release any emotional burdens you may be carrying. Eat some chocolate cake, because it’s National Chocolate Cake Day on January 27th! Unapologetically take the time to take care of yourself for these two days.

Full Moon in Leo - Harvest Goals Time

Hopefully, with the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th, you will be celebrating! This moon is also known as the Cold or Wolf Moon. Are the seeds you planted with your New Moon rituals ready to be harvested? Collect all of the expressions of abundance that have come into your life and have some fun! If your magic isn’t ready for harvest yet, go inward and continue to work on yourself, work with your deities, and meditate on how you want to show the full expression of your magical self.

Use the Waning Gibbous in Leo on January 29th to show gratitude for all of the new growth and wealth in your life. And don’t just celebrate your blessings, but also pay them forward. Did you manifest that raise you were hoping for? Donate to a charity that you are passionate about. Thank the Universe for your blessings! And put together a puzzle, because it’s also National Puzzle Day!


Keep showing that gratitude with the Moon moving into Virgo on January 30th and 31st by taking a walk in the woods, or a stroll along the shoreline. Get into nature and thank Mother Earth for this space to grow. Heal yourself in nature. It’s National Seed Swap Day on January 30th, so trade seeds with a friend and grow some new herbs.

Use this time to start plotting out new goals and plans, and writing in your journal. It’s Disablot in the Norse Heathen tradition on January 31st, so use this celebration time to spot new opportunities, and to charm your tools for the upcoming planting season of the New Moon.

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Lora Evans


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