Saturday Social Club: Animal Allies

Saturday Social Club: Animal Allies

This Saturday, January 23rd, let’s talk animal allies during our weekly social club. From the zodiac to animal spirits, shapeshifting, familiars, omens guardian and magickal creatures, animals have always been a big part of witchcraft and other magickal and shamanic traditions. Also, witches LOVE our fuzzy companion animals who keep us company and adorn our laps and mess up our Tarot card spreads in real life! We are so famous for our cats that people used to believe we transformed into felines to wreak magickal havoc across the land.

During this Social Club, show off your animal allies of all realms. Introduce your companion animals if they will join the group! If you have an animal spirit, familiar or other witchy animal, feel free to introduce them too. Maybe we can get an animal dance party roaring. Also, there will be Animal Spirit card pulls and a Shapeshifting Meditation.

As always, we will feature laughter, fun and good witchy times.  Nikki Zang Roszko, Lora Evans and Willow Rose will host Animal Allies. During the event Willow will introduce everyone to Rufus, SSC’s own animal ally, familiar and tell us why he’s such a little miracle. Every week, The Way of Witch Magazine offers Saturday Social Club as its live online offering. Meet new witches, do group magick, make magickal crafts and talk about witchcraft with people who get it. It’s like a low-key online coven with people you would never have otherwise met.

Animal Allies: Saturday Social Club Details

FREE Event!
Saturday Social Club: Animal Allies
In The Way of Witch Zoom Room
Saturday, January 23rd, 4:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM EST

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