The Way of Witch Sections – for Contributors

The Way of Witch Sections – for Contributors

Lifestyles of the Witch

Interviews, photo spreads articles and reviews about how you live your witchcraft and how it is portrayed in the media

500-1000 words, 2-4 fair  use photos 

  • A Witch’s Home and garden
  • Weekly Witchy Lookbook. 
  • Interviews and features with witchy authors, artists, musicians, influencers, crafters, teachers, etc
  • Reviews of witch-related books, movies, TV and music
  • Witches in the media, current events and hot button issues 

Eat Your Witchcraft

Magickal food and drink recipes and techniques for the culinary witch
500 – 750 words, 1-2 fair use photos

  • Recipes
  • Techniques of kitchen witching

Mind Body Magick

Personal narrative articles about magick and health

750 -1200 words, 3-4 fair use photos

  • Meditation techniques, 
  • Yoga for the healthy witch 
  • Healthy living 
  • Witching with a chronic illness

The Creative Witch

DIY magick oriented toward arts, crafts and music
500 – 1000 words, 2-3 fair use pictures

  • Patterns for crafty witching
  • Music making for the magickal process
  • Magick for the creative process
  • Crafty techniques for witches (candle making, poppets, wreaths and more)


Personal narrative with ritual element

750 – 1000 words, 2-3 fair use pictures

  • Spells
  • Rituals
  • Sigil magick
  • Wildcrafting herbs and other ingredients 

It’s In the Stars

Articles about astrology and how to understand it

750 – 1000 words, 2-3 fair use images

  • Astrological forecasts
  • Understanding astrology topics in your chart

Magickal Practice

Well researched articles about the foundational practices for witchcraft from the ancient world to the digital age

750 – 1000 words, 2-3 fair use photos

  • Historical uses of magick
  • Magick and shamanism
  • Anthropology and archeology as it pertains to magickal practices
  • Ancient and modern occult practices
  • Cyber witching

Divine Inspiration

Show us how you use your divinatory tools with examples and exercises

500 -750 Words, 2-3 fair use photos

  • Tarot spreads, 
  • Bindrunes and other rune techniques, 
  • Astrological readings 
  • Bone casting techniques 
  • Scrying techniques
  • Developing the “clair” senses

House of Spirits

Articles about the history of and personal interactions with deities, spirits, ancestors, the Universe and other otherworldy energies
500-1200 words, 2 – 5 fair use pictures

  • History of gods and goddesses
  • Essays about personal gnosis
  • History of Ancestor Worship, personal stories about ancestral magick
  • Philosophy of Spirituality
  • Cosmogony

Book of Shadows

Brief profiles about the nuts and bolts of witchcraft practice. Feel free to include recipes or ritual ideas to engage the reader.
500 – 750 words, 1 -2 fair use pictures

  • Planetary magick
  • Elemental magick
  • Astral magick
  • High ritual magick
  • Deities
  • Magickal tools
  • Magickal techniques
  • Gemstones
  • Botanicals 
  • Tarot definitions
  • Other divinatory practices
  • Sabbats
  • Witches’ lore and history
  • Spellcraft
  • Meditative practices
  • Occult practices

* Fair use photos are those designated to be reused, preferably with modification. You can find these on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons and other sources. We love it even more if you include pictures you took yourself!

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