Submissions: Write for the Way of Witch

Submissions: Write for the Way of Witch

The Way of Witch Seeks Submissions for Our Online Magazine

The Way of Which seeks emerging witchy writers to contribute articles about witchcraft, magick, healing and many related topics to our online magazine. also want to publish submissions written by emerging writers. Please submit a finished article that focuses on a specific aspect of witchery and magick. (Here is a list of our sections and topics). This is a particularly good way to decide whether becoming a columnist for The Way of Witch (see below) is something you would like to pursue. 

We welcome submissions from practitioners of any spiritual background who want to write about witchcraft and magic. Modern witchcraft practitioners, alternative health professionals, occultists, intuitives of all kinds, shamans, pagans, healers are welcome to submit!

Please send at least one writing sample of any kind, a cover letter that shows us your witchy style and links to social media profiles to: Please include given names in addition to pen/pagan name.

The Way of Witch Seeks Regular Columnists for Submissions

As the perfect candidate for a regular WoW Column you likely already have your own blog. You live your witchcraft and as a result can write authentically about your experience. Perhaps you would like to elevate your solo voice into a larger community. By publishing a column with us, your words will reach thousands of potential readers because we will promote your column throughout all social media platforms. 

Your column on The Way of Witch should encapsulate your vision, witchy aesthetic, voice, expertise and sense of humor. So let your submission show these things off! Your column might consist of both written and video content so feel free do offer us a creative submission. All regular columns will have agreed-upon terms that need to be fulfilled. To make this experience the best for all parties, really think about how much you can commit. You may contribute one column a month or several per week, it’s entirely up to you!

Submissions Guidelines for Columnists

In your submission package, please introduce yourself to us in whatever way is the most authentically you! Additionally, send us links or documents containing 2-3 of your favorite blog or video blog posts. Direct your materials to: In the headline note “Columnist Submission.” and links to social media profiles to: Please include given names in addition to pen/pagan name.

The Way of Witch Mission Statement

The Way of Witch features emerging voices from the growing witchcraft, pagan and magickal/occult communities. Every month, we provide thought-provoking content that helps witches along all stages of their paths; that supports them in their journeys toward self-healing and self-sovereignty.

Equally important, the articles we publish should engage, inform, teach and entertain. By all means, weave us a tale around our themes! We love a good story paired with a ritual, recipe, sigil, spell, tarot spread, writing prompt or other feature that engages the reader.

By and large, our online community consists of fully engaged witches, pagans and magickal practitioners. So our written content should share the tales of our magickal experiences and hard fought knowledge with our readership. In short, if you haven’t lived the magick, this is not the right place for you to publish! Above everything else, we value authenticity.

All Love, No Hate

The Way of Witch fosters an inclusive community featuring the voices of witches of all walks of life. We welcome contributions from witches and pagans of all races, religions, ages, backgrounds the LGBTQAII+ community as well as chronically ill and disabled practitioners and those living with mental illness. As a result, no bigotry of any kind will be tolerated: that means no racism, sexism, transphobia, biphobia, homophobia or xenophobia or other hatred.


The Way of Witch Magazine is currently a free publication with no advertisement. As a result, we cannot pay you directly. Though we will happily provide a tip jar on your articles and profiles. All you need is a or venmo account. We are working toward a sustainable business model that will allow for us to pay writers directly but it will take some time. You will make money before we turn a profit.

As an additional benefit, you are also more than welcome to provide links for crafts or services on your author page. You will also have a featured bio that will appear below your articles and in your profile. Above all, writers retain copyright to their own work. We ask that you inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere for publication so that we may take it down from The Way of Witch. Duplicate submissions are bad for search engine rankings!

The Editors

One thought on “Submissions: Write for the Way of Witch

  1. Hi! I saw your post. I am witchy writer with my current articles on I am also a philosophy and religions major writing my thesis about the witch woman in paganism, as well as other metaphysical topics. These topics include The God Problem, Personal Identity, and the nature of The Self.

    Much of my work independent from academia is combine with mythology and witchcraft. This includes the different forms of deities, and the first creed “know thy self”. I enjoy combining the philosophical, the mystical, and reality.

    Personally, I work mainly with tarot, astrology candle magic, and Hellenic deities. I also own a art witch etsy shop called The Witchere. I would love to hear more about the witchy writing opportunity and can send sample works if necessary. I have linked one of my articles from Analog.

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