The Thinnest Veil: Full Moon in Scorpio Potion and Ritual

Hello my darling witches!

Does anyone have ritual plans for today’s New Scorpio Moon?

The New Scorpio Moon and Samhain is an exciting time of time of year for many witches. We can now seize the moment when the veil is at its thinnest! Maybe you have noticed the subtle energies around you are less subtle and more abundant. I know I’ve been having intense dreams and some pretty surprising clairvoyant flashes!

This time of year presents a window of opportunity to reach out to ancestors, the dead, gods, goddesses, spirits, fae and other uncommon creatures. You can also use the rarified energies to push intuition and psychic abilities to new levels. If you have delved into shadow work, the Scorpionic influence can help you dig deep and offer psychic and emotional protection for the journey.

I have created a potion and ritual to help access the potential of the moment.

The Thinnest Veil, Potion and Ritual:

You can use either a dark red berry juice, red wine or filtered water to capture lunar energy. Try to get 20-30 minutes of la Luna. Connect to the moon while the water is soaking up the lack of moon!

Pour water or wine into a glass vessel. Place obsidian stones, lapis, amethyst or any of these stones: in or around the vessel.

Infuse liquid with equal parts (of one or more of the following:
Blackberry, wormwood, damiana, blue lotus and heather. Strain herbs from water into the fanciest glass you have. If you don’t have any of these herbs, gemstones and intention will definitely suffice.

Add sugar and or honey to taste. Add the intention by by holding the cup in your hand: “I am stepping through the veil at it’s thinnest point. I am opening up to the world of spirit (or to connect to a specific spirit) for my greatest healing good.

Sit in front of a west facing altar. Envision a protective circle around your ritual space. Do this to create a container for your ritual experience that will hold any spirit energies you might come into contact with on your journey so you can safely dismiss them when you are done.

On the altar, place an image representing the energy with which you would like to connect. Light a two white candles (or purple), rubbed with oil and the intention to peek through the veil between the worlds. Ground your energy into the earth, open to the heavens through your crown and center your energy within your heart.

Betwixt and Between

Consume the beverage while gazing softly into the space between the candle flames.

Close your eyes and engage in some gentle relaxation and meditation. Reach out to the spirits of the herbs within the potion. Acquaint yourself with the magickal properties of the herbs before the ritual. When you enter into a magickal mental space, imagine yourself walking up, between the candles to the veil that separates your mundane reality from the world of spirit.

Peek through and let your senses open! If you have invited energies or allowed them into your physical space (verbally, out loud and in charge). Make sure to dismiss these spirits firmly but with gratitude. Close out the ritual space.  Don’t forget to journal your experience!

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